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SIGiST Brisbane Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Tuesday, 3 September 2019
5.30pm - 7.30pm

Park Regis North Quay

DevOps for testers: The critical components needed in automation, reporting, source control, and how to work in a contemporary team.

This talk will put forward a case that testers can benefit greatly from understanding the process of releasing reliable software through build, test and deployment automation.

We will challenge some conventional testing tenets where we traditionally valued:
* the number of tests written
* the number of defects raised
* the requirement traceability matrix
* the independence of a test team

Instead, there will demonstration of the value in:
* recognising something is only ‘done’ when it is in production
* an ability to articulate how something is tested as part of ‘done’
* showcasing test execution
* the continuous execution of tests
* testers being an integral part of the DevOps team (highlighting DevTestOps)
* automation of verification of infrastructure

We’ll recognise that:
* you can't work this way without environments to test on
* environment orchestration needs to be automated (infrastructure as code)
* control of test data is going to be automated
* you really need a definition of done
* it's probably in your interest to create a definition of ready too
* distributed version control is mandatory
* test code living with feature code is a wise move
* tests will accumulate technical debt

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This event is free to attend.

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