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The International Software Testing Quality Board Australia & New Zealand

The ANZTB focuses on the global standard of accreditation from the ISTQB®
and provides testing professionals with certification, dependable training and
career enhancing support. Through the ANZTB, testers receive professional
training and have access to a consistent method of education and accreditation.
The Board continually works with ISTQB® to develop and set international standards
for software testing, training course development and professional qualification.

The ISTQB® have certified more than 500,000 testers worldwide.
Contact the ANZTB today to find out more information on how to enhance
your career and be globally certified.
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New & Updates

ISTQB® releases new Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018 (CTFL) Syllabus

The new 2018 Syllabus has now been announced and is available to view on our website here.  Candidates will be able to take our exam against the previous 2011 syllabus for a further twelve months.

Exams for the new syllabus will be available in the coming months and a date will be released shortly. Both exams will then be available concurrently until the end of the twelve-month period.

Anyone with certification against the previous version will not be required to take the certification again – the old certification will still be honoured and current.

Further information is available on the ISTQB website here 

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ASTQB* Certified Mobile Tester exam and training are here now. *American Software Testing Qualifications Board.  Read more here and find out about training

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ISTQB® revamps product portfolio and releases roadmap. Read about it here (PDF 510KB)

If you would like to contribute to ANZTB, and help us to advance the testing profession, please contact us.

Check out the animated video clip that explains ISTQB® Certification in just three minutes.